igus Inc. Honored with the Providence Business News 2023 Excellence in Green Manufacturing Award

igus recognized for leading eco-friendly innovations and dedication to sustainable manufacturing

October 30th, 2023 – igus®, the global manufacturer of engineered components to increase the service life of customers’ machines, announced that it has been awarded the prestigious Providence Business News Excellence in Green Manufacturing Award. This accolade recognizes the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and green manufacturing.

Igus, Inc recognized for leading eco-friendly innovations and dedication to sustainable manufacturing. (Source: Providence Business News)

The PBN Excellence in Green Manufacturing Award is presented annually to companies that demonstrate outstanding achievements in implementing green and sustainable practices within their manufacturing processes. igus Inc. has been at the forefront of this movement, consistently prioritizing eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient production, and waste reduction in its operations.

“At igus, we believe that even as a plastics manufacturer, it is possible to act sustainably and responsibly. Our teams work extremely dedicated, bringing our clients the performance of our products and mitigating our impact on the environment,” stated Felix Brockmeyer, CEO and President of igus, Inc. “We are honored to be recognized by PBN for our green manufacturing activities and goals. Our ambition and innovation will continue to influence our expanding presence here in Rhode Island.”

igus’s initiatives in green manufacturing have not only reduced its carbon footprint but have also led to the development of high-performing and environmentally friendly products. The company’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every facet of its business, from product design to production and beyond.

Committed to Environmental Sustainability

igus consistently works towards transitioning the traditional linear plastics industry into a sustainable circular model. For over half a century, igus has been converting 99% of the plastic remnants from their production process into reusable granules and has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification since 2019.

The igus chainge program is an eco-friendly recycling initiative that encourages customers to return used energy chains for recycling, regardless of the original producer. This initiative has amassed over 88 tons of materials from 13 countries. The gathered materials are organized, sanitized, turned into granules, and processed into new high-quality products without compromising their wear resistance, structural integrity, or flexibility.

From Recycling to Bicycling

The inception of the fully-plastic igus:bike in 2022, a collaboration with Dutch-based mtrl, is another step in sustainability. This robust bicycle is designed with frames and wheels crafted from recycled materials, including used shampoo containers and discarded ocean fishing nets. The bicycle’s components prone to wear and tear are fashioned from long-lasting igus tribo-polymers. The vision behind this innovation is to craft a bicycle that is resistant to rust, demands minimal upkeep, and can be fully recycled.

Repurposing Plastics into Crude Oil

Beyond just recycling, igus also invests in and supports advanced technologies, like those introduced by Mura Technology, a UK-based enterprise. The firm is pioneering a new technology, HydroPRS (Hydro Plastic Recycling Solution), to convert unsorted plastic waste to crude oil within 20 minutes using water, high temperature, and pressure.

To learn more about igus’ commitment to sustainability, visit: https://www.igus.com/info/sustainability

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