Evolution of the trapezoidal thread: New igus® standard achieves 82 percent efficiency

Matched spindles and self-lubricating threaded nuts increase service life by 30 percent

March 18, 2022 – igus, the global leader of motion plastics, announced it has extended its range of dryspin® lead screw assemblies to include eight new thread pitch sizes including three new trapezoidal threads.

Lead screws have been used to translate rotational motion into linear motion for hundreds of years. The first lead screws date back to ancient Greece. Today, lead screws can be found in everything from furniture to laboratory automation. But even the best tried-and-true solutions have potential for improvement.

The igus lead screw product range includes an assortment of maintenance-free lead screws, self-lubricating plastic nuts, and accessories in many dimensions and designs. The innovative design of the dryspin lead screw features an optimized thread angle for longer life and enhanced efficiency.

“igus has been providing trapezoidal lead screws to customers for quite some time”, said Nick Isabella, dryspin screw drive Product Specialist at igus, Inc. “We hope to expand their use in new areas by redefining single start screws with our own spin”.

30 percent longer service life and 82 percent efficiency

By altering the standard symmetric thread profile of trap screws to the asymmetric dryspin thread profile, igus was able to increase the service life of the nut by approximately 30%. Optimizing the thread angle also increases the lead screws efficiency. As a result, igus dry-running solutions have the ability to reach upwards of 82% for high lead thread profiles.

Threads operate with low vibration and virtually no noise

Not only does the igus dryspin geometry improve service life and increase efficiency, but it is also significantly quieter than standard trapezoidal thread profiles. This is due to the round tooth profile of the thread compared to the hard angle of trapezoidal threads. By rounding off the thread tooth this provides a much smoother running surface reducing vibration during movement.

Addition of eight new dryspin thread sizes

igus’s dryspin high helix thread technology was developed in 2013. The patented design offers numerous advantages compared to conventional high helix threads. However, with the addition of three new single start dryspin thread profiles – DS10x3 LH, DS14x4 RH, and DS18x4 RH – igus can now provide a drop in solution for trapezoidal lead screws currently being used in customer applications. Additionally, igus has added 5 new high lead thread profiles:

  • DS6.35×6.35
  • DS8x40 RH
  • DS12x25 LH
  • DS16x5
  • DS20x10

To learn more about maintenance-free lead screw systems from igus, click here: https://www.igus.com/info/lead-screw-systems

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