Revolutionizing Sustainability: igus Unveils AI-Driven Solutions for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe

Smart maintenance, low-cost automation, AI-based online tools: igus® showcasing pioneering solutions for the self-lubricating and CO2-neutral industry and automation of tomorrow at the Hannover Messe

Getting customer applications ready for sustainable Industry 4.0: to this end, igus relies on AI-supported low-cost robotics, smart maintenance, and AI-based online tools such as the igusGO app, which shows the optimization potential of crane systems, for instance, in a matter of seconds. (Source: igus GmbH)

15 April 2024  – In a groundbreaking showcase at Hannover Messe 2024, igus is set to redefine the future of sustainable industrial automation with its latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), smart maintenance, and low-cost automation. With a focus on zero-lubrication and CO2-neutral solutions, igus introduces igusGO, an AI-powered app, alongside a series of smart sensor technologies designed to streamline maintenance and optimize production processes for the lubrication-free industry of tomorrow.

igusGO, the centerpiece of igus’s innovation, leverages AI to identify optimization opportunities for designers using lubrication-free motion plastics instantly. This revolutionary app simplifies the selection process without the need for traditional catalog browsing. It is a testament to igus’s commitment to enhancing operational reliability and cost-efficiency across various applications, from heavy-duty machinery to everyday devices.

A collaboration with RWTH Aachen University highlights the significant economic and ecological advantages of igus’s polymer bearings. It showcases potential savings of up to €14 million annually and substantial CO2 reductions, as exemplified by Heineken Brazil’s savings of 180kg of CO2 equivalents per year through the switch to polymer bearings.

“Our aim with igusGO and our suite of smart products is to navigate the vast potential of motion plastics with unprecedented efficiency and transparency,” states Tobias Vogel, CEO of Plain Bearings and Linear Technology at igus.

This sentiment is echoed by Michael Blass, CEO of E-Chain Systems, who emphasizes the critical role of digital innovations like superwise, a digital service for comprehensive maintenance insights, in bolstering competitiveness amidst challenging times.

igus’s innovations extend to low-cost automation, introducing user-friendly robotics with AI-based voice and gesture control, exemplified by the ReBeL cobot and its plug-and-play capabilities. These advancements are complemented by the RBTX online marketplace, which facilitates easy access to compatible automation accessories and promotes an inclusive approach to automation for companies of all sizes.

“By merging our innovative products with digital services, we’re demonstrating how our motion plastics can significantly enhance a wide array of applications, driving them towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future,” concludes Blass.

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