Complete robotic solution designed in just one minute with the RBTX Machine Planner

New online tool from RBTX powered by igus® allows users to design robot working environments quickly and without CAD knowledge

The Machine Planner from igus® allows the quick design of complete automation solutions involving robots without any programming knowledge. (Source: igus GmbH)

5 July 2023 – igus®, a leading global manufacturer of engineered components to increase the service life of customers’ machines, has introduced an exciting new feature to its RBTX marketplace – the RBTX Machine Planner.

The Machine Planner on, the online marketplace for Low Cost Automation, helps with the design of a complete automation solution, from robotics to frames to conveyor belts to grippers to safety systems. Price and delivery time are calculated in real-time.

Configuring a new robot workstation is a complex undertaking, requiring more than simply selecting a robot model. An automated production environment also requires the right workplace design, which often involves manipulating complex structures in CAD programs. The process is time-consuming and stressful, first requiring obtaining offers from different suppliers via sales. The components must then be harmonized. The entire process can take weeks and requires expertise on the part of the customer, who is ultimately responsible for compatibility and function.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the trades or manufacturing industry, in particular, need this time to invest in their own products. With its Machine Planner on, igus creates a simple solution for quickly configuring robot workstations and machine frames with robotics and conveyor technology. The new free tool is integrated into the RBTX platform.

“Our new online configurator for cost-effective automation solutions makes inexpensive robotics accessible to everyone because the user does not need any design knowledge,” says Alexander Mühlens, Head of igus Low Cost Automation Business Unit. “The Machine Planner takes over the engineering and thus combines robotic components correctly. The tool can be called up easily with a browser.”

The Machine Planner provides a selection of different machines and application designs. Doors and back panels can be installed with just a few clicks, and the size can be individually adjusted. In addition to feed automation, such as conveyor belts or spiral bowl conveyors in the work area, the configurator can be used to select robots from the RBTX marketplace, including accessories such as grippers and linear systems. A few clicks and the solution is fully configured within a minute without any CAD drawings or technical clarification. A design library on the platform offers additional guidance. The solution can be adapted to specific requirements. Users benefit not only from speed but also from transparency. The user can receive a cost calculation with the corresponding delivery time with just a few clicks. Easy-to-understand instructions allow the customer to assemble the application on-site.

Quick 3D configuration for individual applications

“I was looking for an individual gluing machine without hiring an external design engineer for planning and execution. The Machine Planner from igus enabled me to design my gluing machine with just a few clicks”, says Sven Achenbach, CEO of Sigamo GmbH. “The robot is used in production. It guarantees our customers a 100 percent identical adhesive application on components.”

Its application is just one of many possible designs that can be implemented on RBTX with the Machine Planner. Gripping robots for bakeries or pick and place applications in the industry — the 3D tool is suitable for a variety of industries in which processes can be automated. With the new configurator, igus is expanding its leading RBTX platform for Low Cost Automation with a new tool in a complete package.

“Our goal is to make automation simple, quick, and cost-effectively. The Machine Planner does just that for the customer,” stated Alexander Mühlens.

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