igus launches first UL-listed motor cable for cable trays and e-chain

chainflex cable CF33.UL ensures safe cable guidance in energy chains and cable carriers with a four-year guarantee

The chainflex cable CF33.UL is the world’s first motor cable for energy chains and cable trays with UL approval and a four-year functional guarantee. (Source: igus GmbH)

January 17th, 2024 – igus® has developed the world’s first motor cable for cable trays with UL listing and a four-year functional guarantee. The new chainflex® cable CF33.UL, can be installed seamlessly from the e-chain® to the cable tray without a plug connection in between.

Cables have to withstand loads like heat, cold, high dynamics, UV radiation, or even flames. Test certificates from Underwriters Laboratories are required for uncomplicated export of machines to the USA and Canada. The CF33.UL motor cable has a UL listing for flexible motor supply cable. Usually, UL-listed cables are only for fixed installation or occasional movement. This is the first UL-listed marking for continuously moving energy chain cables.

“With the new motor cable, we are offering our customers a cable type that is suitable for both e-chains and cable trays. A plug connection is no longer necessary,” explains Rainer Rössel, Vice President and Head of the chainflex Cables Business Unit at igus.

Users also avoid duplicated stock of separate cables for the chain and fixed installation.

igus provides a service life guarantee for the new motor cable

“We also rely on the service life guarantee for our new motor cable,” says Rössel. “We provide our customers with tested and certified safety.”

Thanks to these tests and experience, igus recently extended the guarantee on the CF33.UL to four years or ten million cycles.

igus uses lab data for online tools like the chainflex service life calculator. Here, customers can determine cable durability. This helps improve sustainability by avoiding premature replacement. A cable that breaks entails a high CO2 impact from production and transport.

The CF33.UL adds a shielded PVC motor cable to the chainflex range. It ensures safe cable guidance in energy chains and cable carriers. The four-year guarantee provides reliability.

You can find more information about the CF33.UL online at: https://www.igus.com/info/cf33-ul

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