H+B technics Navigates the Future of Customer Experience with Virtual Showcase in the igus Metaverse

Interactive 3D Models of Boat Lift Systems in the igus metaverse Offer Unparalleled Accessibility and Detail for Customers and Trade Show Attendees

Thanks to digital twins modelled in VR, H+B technics can use the iguverse to present their products for boats and ships in a simple and flexible way at any time. (Source: igus GmbH)

29 JANUARY 2024 – For H+B technics, the journey to customer satisfaction has taken an exciting turn into the virtual realm. The renowned specialist in customized lift systems for boats and yachts has anchored itself within the innovative igus metaverse, offering an immersive and interactive experience that surpasses the limitations of traditional trade show presentations.

Stepping into the igus metaverse as an avatar, users find themselves in a modern maritime showroom, where stunning digital replicas of vessels like the Pearl 72 come alive. Clicking on the rear garage opens it seamlessly, showcasing its hydraulic functionality.

“With the iguverse, we can present our products quickly and, above all, much more flexibly,” explains Jan Olfenbüttel, Head of Marketing at H+B technics. “For example, with many of our solutions, it’s not possible to exhibit the real thing on a trade show stand. Instead, we use trade show models. However, we can present our products much better in the iguverse and bring them to life up close.”

Similarly, the Windy SR60’s side balcony unfolds with a simple gesture, demonstrating its space-enhancing feature. The experience extends to catamaran lift systems, where the compact E4.28 and E4.21 e-chain® cable carriers from igus are displayed within the hydraulic cylinders. These high-performance plastic chains, renowned for their lubrication-free operation, durability, and corrosion resistance, make them ideal for marine environments, as Marco Thull, Senior Marketing Activist at igus, points out: “Thanks to the high-performance plastics in use, the e-chains are not only lubrication-free and particularly durable but also resistant to corrosion and therefore seawater.”

The advantages of embracing the igus metaverse are undeniable for H+B technics.

 “This platform grants us unprecedented flexibility and agility in presenting our products,” emphasizes Olfenbüttel. “Tradeshow models often fall short of showcasing the intricacies of our solutions. In the igus metaverse, we can bring them to life with incredible detail and interactivity, offering a far superior customer experience.”

The success of the 3D model debut at METS Trade 2023, Europe’s leading marine equipment and technology show, solidified H+B technics’ commitment to the igus metaverse. Instead of investing in a new trade show model for boot Düsseldorf 2024, the company will be showcasing its offerings exclusively within the virtual realm.

“A new 3D model can be easily integrated into VR for every trade fair. This allows us to exhibit a lot more even at small trade show without a large stand area,” says Olfenbüttel. “At first, I was skeptical about the idea, but I was proven wrong. We are very satisfied with the service from igus and the collaboration was even easier and more flexible thanks to VR. Changes to the models could be implemented quickly and simply. And once you have familiarized yourself with the iguverse, it is really intuitive.”

The igus metaverse’s potential extends beyond product showcases, envisioning a future where engineers and project managers from across the globe can collaborate virtually to develop entire machines and systems in real-time.

“We want to enable customers from all over the world to develop entire machines and systems in VR together with engineers and project managers – in an even faster, more efficient and more sustainable way than is currently possible,” concludes Thull.

For more information about the iguverse and igus’ range of products, please visit https://www.igus.com/info/iguverse

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