igus mobile exhibition meets customers where they are

The igus mobile exhibition allows customers to interact with the latest igus innovations without leaving the parking lot

March 28, 2023 — In keeping with evolving business strategies of meeting customers where they are, igus® has announced the company is expanding its traveling roadshow for the balance of 2023.

The mobile exhibition will showcase engineering solutions from igus, the Germany-based motion plastics specialist. The company’s North American headquarters is based in Providence, Rhode Island.

The mobile exhibition will allow visitors to experience hands-on demonstrations, interactive displays, and consultations with igus product experts. Products featured include e-chains®, bearings, cables, and linear technology. The igus mobile exhibition will visit approximately 225 locations across the United States.

igus trailers traverse the nation

The igus roadshow launched in March and consists of two specially designed trailers. Two separate trailers will crisscross the country to show existing and potential customers the latest innovations in motion plastics technology.

The hands-on encounters will allow igus experts to engage with customers on-site and discuss their application needs and design specifications.

“With the mobile exhibition, we are able to provide information in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere,” said Felix Brockmeyer, newly appointed President and CEO at igus, Inc. “Above all, we want to address the employees in the company who otherwise do not visit tradeshows and cannot experience our products firsthand.”

Enhancing product knowledge

igus’ mobile units have traversed the United States for several years, but the worldwide pandemic temporarily stalled the company’s initiative. Now, as companies such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and others have focused on customer service through transportation, many businesses are taking the initiative to meet clients where they are located.

“Cooperation with our customers and getting direct interaction is important to us,” continued Brockmeyer. “Taking our solutions directly to our customers’ doorstep enables us to improve our products further and co-create innovative solutions to their toughest technical challenges.” For more information about the igus mobile exhibition or to schedule a visit, click here: https://www.igus.com/info/traveling-tradeshow

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