Ready-to-connect igus hybrid cables save installation space, weight, and construction time

New readycable® hybrid cables suitable for drive technology from Siemens and SEW-EURODRIVE

11 October 2022 – igus®, the world leader in motion plastics and moving cable management systems, is expanding its product portfolio of assembled hybrid cables to include ready-to-connect cables suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE with MOVILINK DDI and Siemens SINAMICS S210 with OCC.

Save installation space and weight with just one cable for power and data: it’s easy with assembled igus readycable hybrid cables. New to the range are ready-to-connect cables suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE with MOVILINK DDI and Siemens SINAMICS S210 with OCC.

In addition to PUR, the latter is also available with an outer jacket made of cost-effective PVC. Macros for the EPLAN Electric P8 software speed up cable planning by around 50%.

Reducing the complexity of automation solutions while saving money, time, and installation space is a declared goal of engineers worldwide. This applies to cable planning as well. Here, so-called hybrid technology has become one of the major trends in recent years. While servo drive systems used to require several cables to transmit energy and data, hybrid cables combine the conductors.

“Hybrid technology is a pioneering development that we, as a cable specialist, are one hundred percent convinced is the way to go,” says Markus Hüffel, Product Manager of readychain and readycable at igus. “We are therefore continuously expanding our portfolio of ready-to-connect hybrid cables from the readycable series in order to offer our customers a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution for continuous use in energy chains.”

Optimize project planning with just-in-time delivery, free cutting, and macros for EPLAN Electric P8

The latest addition to the readycable series includes two models: a hybrid cable for motors from SEW-EURODRIVE, a German manufacturer, with the MOVILINK DDI interface, and a hybrid cable for Siemens servo drives suitable for SINAMICS S210. In addition to PUR, the outer jacket can be made of lower-cost polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Lean industrial processes in harnessing, very short throughput times, and a high degree of warehousing enable designers to quickly have the new hybrid cables delivered directly from stock and at the desired length without a cutting charge, ready to connect, and fit for immediate use.

To save even more project planning time, igus provides direct links to the macros for the EPLAN Electric P8 planning software on This allows the cables to be dragged and dropped into the digital cable plan as building blocks, reducing cable planning time by up to 50%.

Fail-safe continuous use in cable carriers

Like all cables in the readycable series, the new hybrid cables have a strong outer jacket, a strain-relieved core, movement-optimized copper stranded wires, a stranded structure with a short pitch length, and a gusset-filling extruded outer jacket.

“This design and these high-quality materials make our new hybrid cables fail-safe in continuous use in energy chains, even in compact applications,” says Hüffel.

Materials with good electromagnetic compatibility prevent the energy and data transmission cores from negatively influencing each other. All models have undergone several million test cycles in the 3,800 square meter igus test laboratory. Therefore, igus offers an above-average chainflex cable guarantee of up to 48 months. They also provide an online tool with which customers can calculate the expected service life of their specific application.

Learn more about ready-to-connect hybrid cables from igus here.

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