Combining linear and rolling bearings: hybrid rolling bearings from igus now available with calculable service life

drylin WJRM-BB-31 and WJRM-BB-41 hybrid rolling bearings from igus can be implemented with more ease than ever with a new service life calculator

21 JULY 2022 – Motion plastics expert igus® has recently introduced a service life calculator tool for their WJRM line of hybrid rolling bearings. This lesser-known product line combines drylin® linear bearing technology with ball bearings to reduce friction, making them ideal for manual adjustments.

The WJRM bearings are applicable across multiple industries – wherever linear motion is needed. Medical, 3D printing, furniture, and more can all take advantage of what WRJM hybrid roller bearings offer. Of course, as with most products from igus, the bearings are self-lubricating, eliminating the need for maintenance and reducing operational volume compared to metallic bearings.

The new digital tool for the WJRM line offers a few different services. It can calculate the service life of the system, as well as provide pricing and drive force. This is the first time service life for these hybrid roller bearings will be calculable for customers, joining the ever-growing list of products from igus that offer service life calculators. Knowing exactly how long a product will last is essential in planning maintenance schedules and avoiding unplanned downtime for the system.

“The new tool makes finding the perfect system easier than ever, and having the drive force and service life clearly stated at the end, is really helpful in making sure our parts are right for your system,” says Jennifer Harding, Product Specialist at igus.

Learn more about WJRM hybrid rolling bearings here.

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