The new igus® E4.1R rol e-chain® reduces noise, vibration, and saves electricity

Roller chain links reduce drive energy for the igus E4.1 e-chain series by 37%

May 12, 2022 – igus, a world leader in motion plastics and moving cable management systems, has introduced the E4.1R rol e-chain. The new rolling energy chain system from igus dramatically reduces noise and vibration.

Integrated roller links have been added to the standard modular system of the E4.1 energy chain series. This makes it especially easy for users to change over from gliding to rolling energy chain systems. The rollers in the E4.1R reduce drive power by up to 37%, minimizing energy requirements.

The E4.1R is available with 56mm and 80mm inner height. Add several widths and radii, and you have a total of over 900 variants for individual applications. The roller chain links are also fully compatible with the entire E4.1 series modular system, so indoor linear robots in the machine tool industry can still be retrofitted.

Reduce electricity costs in times of sharply rising energy prices

Wholesale electricity prices are skyrocketing, and for many industrial companies, the cost of electricity poses a significant challenge in staying competitive. And saving electricity is critical. This applies to entire production lines, individual machines, or components such as energy chains that carry cables and hoses for energy, data, and hydraulics in industrial systems.

As a rule, the upper run of an e-chain system slides on the lower run. Usually, this is not a problem over short distances in terms of energy because the igus high-performance plastics enable low-friction operation. However, with longer travel distances of several hundred meters and high loads of up to 100 kilograms per meter, the coefficients of friction increase and thus also the energy consumption.

E4.1R: Rolling instead of gliding saves energy

For 20 years, igus has been offering energy chains for long distances, in which the upper run rolls over the lower run, reducing friction and wear.

“Due to rising prices and energy costs, many industrial companies have become interested in cost-saving measures. They ask themselves how operating costs can be cut with the components in use, such as energy chains – especially on long travels with high additional loads,” says Jörg Ottersbach, Head of the e-chains Business Unit at igus. “Our answer is that we also offer a version of our E4.1, the E4.1R, with integrated rollers. This series is one of our best-selling energy chains and a universal solution for 90% of gliding applications.”

To learn more about igus plastic e-chain cable carriers, go here.

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