igus mobile exhibition visiting Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

New and existing customers can learn and discuss solutions to design challenges

The igus mobile trade show will be stationed outside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Tuesday, September 19. (Photo courtesy of igus)

September 14, 2023 — igus’ mobile exhibition trade show will be stopping outside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on Tuesday, September 19.

The exhibition hosted by WTWH Media will be stationed outside the Hall of Fame from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The mobile exhibition brings the trade show experience directly to customers and will feature the company’s latest innovations in low-cost automated solutions and its innovative RBTX products, which help businesses design robots specific to their applications.

Multiple company experts will be on-site to help manufacturers learn more about igus, the manufacturer of high-performing plastic components. All of igus’ components are self-lubricating, durable, and tested extensively in the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany. It runs its North American operations out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Trade show on wheels

In keeping with evolving business strategies and meeting customers where they are, igus announced in March that it was expanding its traveling road show for 2023.

The mobile exhibition allows visitors to experience hands-on demonstrations, interactive displays, and consultations with igus personnel. New and existing customers can see and get expert guidance on how cable carriers, bearings, cables, and linear technology can solve their application challenges.

The traveling trade show will visit approximately 225 locations in 2023 and consist of two specially designed trailers.

“With the mobile exhibition, we are able to provide information in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere,’’ said Felix Brockmeyer, President and CEO of igus. “Above all, we want to address the employees who otherwise do not visit tradeshows and cannot experience products firsthand.”

Listen to the music

The visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a natural fit for igus, as its components have been included in an assortment of applications related to music and performance.

In one example, a company in Germany developed an automated drum test. Using a drylin® gantry, Feinarbyte developed a test that offers precise repetition. The cymbal is played with uniform impact at defined points, and comparable attack angles provide comparable sound recordings.

In England, a piano builder incorporated igus components in a hammer system that offers supreme longevity, climate resistance, and improved playability and sound performance.

On a much larger scale, igus cable carriers have been incorporated in performing arts venues. The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri, includes a cable carrier system to power overhead speakers and lighting trusses.

Hit the road

Mobile units from igus have been used for several years but were temporarily stalled during the worldwide pandemic. The company brought back the traveling trade show to help make it easier for customers to see firsthand how its products can help solve design challenges.

The visit to Cleveland will allow engineers, materials specialists, and even music aficionados the opportunity to learn more about igus products.

“Cooperation with our customers and getting direct interaction is important to us,’’ Brockmeyer said. “Taking our solutions directly to our customers’ doorstep enables us to improve our products further and co-create innovative solutions to their toughest technical challenges.”

Learn more about the igus mobile trade show at   https://www.igus.com/info/mobile-exhibition

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