Energy and data combined in new igus® hybrid cable for SEW motors

New flexible chainflex® cable saves 40% space in e-chains® and ensures secure energy and data transmission

May 03, 2022 – igus, a world leader in moving cable management, has expanded its range of hybrid cables with a new cable, especially for motors from SEW EURODRIVE with the MOVILINK DDI interface – the CF280 hybrid cable.

Hybrid cables for drive technology are characterized by combining energy and data transmission in one cable, halving the number of cables required. In the case of the new SEW motors with a MOVILINK DDI interface, the drive manufacturer relies on a coax element for the data transmission of motor information. To supply these compact motors with energy and data safely – even in motion, igus has developed this new hybrid cable.

The CF280 hybrid cable features four power cores, with one coaxial core and two control pairs that have now been merged. By merging two cables into one, users can save 40% of space in the energy chain. This reduces the weight that must be driven by the system, consuming less energy.

With a PUR outer jacket, the new CF280 hybrid cable can be used for applications with a bending factor of 15 times the outer diameter and is suitable for various industries, from machine tools to material handling to cables in automotive applications.

“The challenge that cables with coax elements have has been that they are susceptible to interference under high dynamics,” says John Barker, Product Manager of chainflex cables at igus UK. “We have set ourselves the task of developing a durable and flexible system that also works reliably in motion.”

With the expansion of the CF280 series, igus is moving with the trend of hybrid technology, combining energy with data to save space and weight. With 28 different hybrid cables for motors similar to Siemens, Beckhoff, SEW, and Bosch Rexroth, igus already has the most extensive portfolio of hybrid cables for energy chains in stock. igus also offers its CF280 cable series with a PVC outer jacket as the CF220 model, by doing so reducing additional costs in the hybrid cable segment.

The chainflex cables can be assembled or purchased by the foot. As with all its cables, igus offers a warranty of up to 48-months on the new SEW hybrid cable.

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