New cable management kit pairs with any cobot arm, optimizes cable protection

Hook-and-loop mounting brackets combined with superior triflex® R plastic cable carrier keep cables, human workers safe

February 11, 2020 – Large and mid-sized corporations alike are becoming more interested in automating tedious and repetitive tasks. We are still quite far, though, from fully automated processes and manufacturing and assembly still require some human interaction. It is estimated that collaborative robots are likely to account for nearly 35% of all industrial robots sold by 2025.

igus®, a leading, global manufacturer of engineered plastic components, has released a new collaborative robot cable management kit with universally-designed hook-and-loop mounting brackets and more than 100 links of the company’s innovative triflex® R cable carrier, which offers superior cable protection compared to corrugated tubes.

triflex® R design features

triflex® R is a multi-axis energy chain designed for use in a wide variety of robotic applications. Unlike corrugated tubing, it’s designed with ball-and-socket links that enable individual pieces of the system to be replaced if one of them is damaged. triflex® R also has a defined bend radius to ensure the minimum bend radius of your cables won’t be violated; a built-in torsion stop for even torsional load between the carrier and the cables; and two chambers for cable separation, which help reduce excessive cable wear. 

Hook-and-loop mounting brackets

The kit’s hook-and-loop mounting brackets with a non-skid backing can be fastened around any diameter cobot arm, making it easier for engineers to choose a kit regardless of the robot manufacturer. The brackets are also easy to install and are designed with rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury for humans interacting with the cobots.

The following parts are included in the triflex® R hook-and-loop cobot cable management kit:

  • 1 triflex® cable carrier approx. 6 ft
  • 4 one-meter hook-and-loop lengths
  • 4 plastic mounting bases
  • 1 strain relief bracket
  • 1 set of lock clips
  • 1 set of screws
  • 1 assembly tool

Other variations and accessories are available, including molded and bumper style brackets and robot end “tennis rackets.”

For more information, to see a video of the kit in action, and to visit the cobot cable management shop click here:

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