Updated cable series from igus saves space and money

New chainflex M control cables reduce structure 20 percent, have up to 48-month guarantee

December 11, 2019  – igus has introduced a new cable series that offers a thinner cable structure, saving on installation space, and ensures lower bend radii. The company’s advanced chainflex M cable series proves that quality and low price are not mutually exclusive.

After four years of research, igus presented the new control cables – CF880/CF881 and CF890/CF891 – at Smart Production Solutions last month in Nuremberg, Germany. igus, the Germany-based manufacturer of motion cables and plastics, runs its North American operations out of Providence, R.I.

The cables are up to 20 percent thinner than previous models, have a tested service life of five million cycles and come with up to 48-month guarantee.

Quality e-chain cable at a small price

igus introduced chainflex M series cables in 2013 with the promise of a quality e-chain cable at a small price. That theory still drives the chainflex M series. Since its introduction, however, there have been significant changes in mechanical engineering and cable development.

Due to increasing automation in industry, faster and faster machines are required. Accordingly, the development of lighter and smaller cables is necessary to reduce high accelerated masses. That is why igus is keen on further developing its cost-effective cable series without increasing costs.

The first breakthrough came in 2015: instead of one million guaranteed cycles, the manufacturer promises a service life of over five million cycles, and all at the same price. Just in time for SPS, igus presented its next development success.

“Thanks to a new structural design, we can produce chainflex M control cables that are up to 20 percent thinner. Our customers benefit from this because the cables have a smaller bend radius and take up less space in the energy chain. These cables can save costs for users,” said Rainer Rössel, head of chainflex cables at igus GmbH.

The new chainflex M cable series is now available as control cables with PVC (CF880/CF881) or igusPUR outer jacket (CF890/CF891) with or without a shield. The cables are suitable for short travels on simple classic machines such as stone, paper or wood processing.

Reliability guaranteed at cost-effective price

For more than 25 years, igus has been a specialist in the development of cables intended for use in the energy chain. The company tests its products under realistic conditions in the company’s 3,800 square meter test laboratory in Cologne – and these tests go on all the way until they fail completely.

igus has been investing in the further development and long-term testing of its established chainflex M cable series for four years. The laboratory tests have shown that the cables can easily handle five million cycles. On all cables, including the optimized chainflex M series, igus issues a unique 48-month guarantee.

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